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Higher Education Trends


July 23

Improved Ability of searching for Resumes may be Making the Process Less Effective

Oil & Gas Copmanies are Creating a Demand for Non-Engineering Workers

July 9

Meet Generation Z

The Most Coveted Employers for Engineering Students

Q&A With a Recruiter Who Hires LAS Students

June 25

Managing Generation Y Employees

How Valuable is a Degree in Engineers & Design?

June 11

How to Successfully Onboard Interns and New Grads

Why Engineers Make Great CEOs

May 28

New College Grads are too Optimistic about Job Prospects

Changes to the US Visa Program Could Mean Good News to Techies

Entry-Level Tech Jobs, Manager are More Concerned About Passion

May 14

Five Companies Responsible for 37% of the 65,000 Visas Issued in the US

Obama Adminstration Praises Steps on Solar Power

Hiring is Up, But the Pay is Not

At MIT, the Humanities Are Just As Important As STEM

April 23

The Start of Liberal Education at a College in Chicago

Recent Research states STEM Field is Growing

Students Get Trained for "In Demand" Jobs

April 2

Removing Gender Bias from the Hiring Process

The Social Intrapreneur: Could The by the X-Factor You're Looking For?

Results of a Career and Brainstorming Conference

Have You Considered Integrating Online Networking Events?

March 19

Employers Want to Hire Broadly Educated Graduates

What Google Looks for When Hiring

March 5

Earnings Gap for College Grads Widest in 48 Years

Benefits for Companies That Hire Interns

For Interns: All Word and No Payoff

February 19

Consider Offering Aprenticeships

Having Trouble with Generation Y Employees? Here are some tips

Advantages and Disadvantages to Students when Companies and Universities Interact

February 5

 A Startup That Is Matchmaking Between College Grads and Employers

A Survey of Millennials to Determine What They Want From Employers

Deloitte's Third Annual Millennail Survey

A Millenial Defending Generation Y

Students with Degrees in LAS Tend to Earn Lower Starting Salaries, But Research Suggests They Catch Up with Their Peers Over the Long-Term

January 22

Catch Up With The Latest Recruiting Trends

One Interesting Trend Is A Transition To More Practice-Based Activities In Some Curricula

This Apprenticeship Program Teaches Code To Non-Computer Science Students

Potential Drawbacks With Emotional Intelligence

Bank of America Seeks To Ensure Work Limits After Intern's Death

January 8

Students Who Get Good Grades Don't Always Make The Best Employees

Why Millienials Really Mattered in 2013


December 18

Students Dropping Out of STEM Due to Differences by Gender

"Flipping" Career Fairs So Companies Present to Students

German Railway's New Application Process Downplays Past Academic Performance

Going Once. Going Twice. Sold: Internships on the Auction Block

Overview of General Internship Trends and Opportunities

November 27

Students Think They Are Better Prepared For Careers Than Hiring Managers Do

Employee-First Culture Outweighs Pay and Benefits

What Veterans Bring to a Job

November 6

Managing Your Gen Y Peers

Idle Millenials Need Help On Jobs

Young Investors Are Afraid Of The Stock Market

10 Colleges With The Highest Rates of Internships

Tips To Make Sure You Get The Most Out Of Your Interns

The Importance of Diversity In Institutions and Organizations

Recruiters Without Borders: Companies Scout Globally

Workload May Not Be The Reason People Dislike Their Jobs

October 23

Video Interviewing Takes Off

HireVue Help Push The Boundaries of Video Interviewing

Why Some Workers Settle for Boring Jobs

October 9

Virtual Engineering Internships

Students Branding Themselves with Employers Early On

Strengths That Introverts Bring to the Workplace

Florida Law Allowing Students to Opt Out of Remedial Education

September 25

Teens Losing Interest in STEM Careers

The Hidden Value of an Unpaid Internship

Colleges Creating Internship Roadblocks

Illegal Immigrants Legally Starting Their Own Businesses

Recent Grads May Be Able to Avoid Paying Student Loans

September 11

The 25 Toughest Companies For Interviews

The Psychological Price of Entrepreneurship

College Students Have Technical Skills, But Can They Write

Learning STEM with Sesame Street

August 28

The Value that a Liberal Arts Degree Brings

We Will Not Need College in 15 Years

The Tech Industry is Demonstrating Vulnerabilities

The Effects of the Prolonged Economic Downturn

Survey Reports on the Level of Bias Women in the Workplace

August 14

Do You Really Know Generation Y?

Pew's Research on Millennials

Start-ups Are Encouraged to Hire Interns

The Auto Industry is Hiring... Software Engineers 

July 17

Discussion of the Fox Case Where Unpaid Interns Successfully Sue the Company

What is Needed To Make College Grads Employable

Responses from a Number of Employers About What They Look for in New Employees 

People’s Perception of the Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility

Great Example of a Good University Website...Check Out Monsters University 

July 3

Internships are More Often Becoming the Best Way to Get a Full-Time Position

Unpaid Internship Case that Ruled Against the Company

Claims that Unpaid Internships are Not Dead 

Younger Millennials More Tech Savvy Than Older Millennials

Benefits of Recruiting Through Professional Associations

Why People Quit Their Jobs...Most Cited Reason is Their Boss

June 19

What It's Like Being an Intern at Google

eHarmony is Planning a Career Site 

Significant Growth in Masters Degrees Recently

Institute for the Future for the University of Phoenix Research Report on Work Skills Needed in 2020 

Tips for When Gen Y Managers Supervise Gen Y Peers

June 5

Annual NACE survey has Good News for New Grads

Work Visa Bill & Why the Tech Industry is Asking for Changes 

ETS Developing a Test to Measure “Grit”

New Grads Accept Positions Not Aligned With Their Expectations

Tips on How to Prepare for Interns Coming Into Your Organization This Summer 

May 22

PwC Study Focuses on Millennials at PwC with Takeaways for Any Company/University

Unrealistic Expectations of College Grads

Recent Grads are Negatively Impacting the Professionalism in the Workplace 

Jobs of the Future Will Not Require College Degrees

Net Gain in Jobs has Gone to College Grads  

1871, a Startup Incubator in Chicago

May 8

NYU Stern Professor's Advice To Student: Get Your S--- Together

Infographic About Professionalism in the Workplace  

New Grads Still Facing Difficulties in the Job Market

New Graduates in Engineering are Drawing the Largest Salaries

New Study Found Shortage of STEM Workers Inaccurate 

Colleges Students Prefer Face-to-Face Contact Over Online Courses

April 24

Employers Value Broad Skills Over Major

College Grads Take Jobs Once Held By High School Grads

How Gender Plays a Role in Careers 

Companies are Not Developing Relationships & Cultivating Loyalty

How to Handle an Irritating Boss

April 10

Green jobs Are Growing

Students Invent Their Own Jobs 

Spotting the Great but Imperfect Resume

CEO of Caterpillar Called for More H1B Visas  

Women are Better Corporate Leaders Than Men 

How to Motivate Employees

March 27

Employers are Adding Jobs Overall

Employers are Waiting Longer to Hire 

Internships are Becoming a Job Search Requirement

Increasing the Hands-On Multi-Disciplinary Coursework 

Gender Bias in Technology Job Listings

Women and Underrepresented Minority Scientists More Likely to be Unemployed 

March 13

Graduate Students Looking to Industry for Opportunities

College Graduates Working in Jobs Not Requiring a Degree

Community College Grads are Out-Earning Bachelors Degree Holders

Generation Y Depends on Their Parents For Job Advice

Lack of Connections For International Students With Their Campuses 

Mismatch Between What Graduates Can Do and What Employers Look For 

February 27

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