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The Background Investigation Process and Bias
Wednesday, December 09, 2020, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT
Category: Webinars


Delta Air Lines paid $2.3 million and Frito-Lay paid slightly more to settle a class-action lawsuit that alleged it failed to provide applicants with proper background check disclosure, violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Approximately 5 million people who once applied to Walmart filed a class action lawsuit relating to FCRA violations.

A new class action alleges that Macy's rejects job applicants, revokes job offers and terminates the employment of people with criminal histories, even when the convictions are old, minor and/or unrelated to the job in violation of EEOC guidelines.

Background vendors face class action lawsuits due to improper criminal checks and their failure to follow FCRA reporting guidelines.

The list of corporations that have run afoul of the FCRA for decades is overwhelming. When employers violate the FCRA and EEOC guidelines, candidates are affected, job opportunities are lost and employers fail to provide an equal opportunity for individuals to succeed. This webinar will discuss the employer’s responsibilities and how candidates can proactively mitigate their risk.

Our webinar will review FCRA and EEOC guidelines to help employers confirm their recruiting processes are compliant and not only how to avoid litigation but, improve your candidate experience and your brand. For career centers, the review will also include the candidate’s rights under the FCRA, and how candidates can proactively approach the background investigation and improve their outcomes.

Due to the adverse impact a criminal record may have on a student to obtain an internship, employment, or an opportunity to obtain practical experience at a healthcare facility for students in the healthcare field, this webinar will review the proactive steps that students can take to expunge their record.

The webinar will review “The Box” on the application that requests self-reporting of prior offenses that is in effect in one form or another in many states, counties and cities. In most cases, The Box doesn’t actually ban self-reporting a criminal history in most cases. It merely moves it to another part of the recruiting process. The confusion over what is often onerous legislation or the outright failure of employers to comply, often results in disparate actions. We will discuss a movement that is long overdue. Employers should voluntarily ban the box altogether regardless of state or local legislation.

Is technology improving outcomes? Employers are increasingly relying on Artificial Intelligence and Applicant Tracking Systems to assist with the recruiting process and narrowing down the field of potential candidates. The webinar will discuss how technology has resulted in class action lawsuits against Facebook, Amazon and others relating to algorithms that resulted in bias and discriminatory practices.

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