Executive Board Position: Director, College Membership

To be eligible, you must be an active member and have served for at least one year in one of the following capacities: committee, conference committee, or task force chair or vice chair.

  1. Represent the college members on the board of directors

  2. Serve as advisor to the president on matters relating to the interest of college members

  3. Develop and offer value-added services to existing college members, identify ways to recruit new college members and work with the Director, Advancement & Communications to create an college-specific recruiting plan

  4. Work together with the association management firm to ensure a cohesive approach to management of the association’s total membership renewal/application process

  5. Create goals (in alignment with executive board goals) for each committee for which s/he is a liaison; communicate goals to committee chairs, in turn driving committee work in line with association goals

  6. Serve as a liaison to college groups and membership committee (along with director - employer membership)