Membership Spotlight

Each month the Midwest ACE newsletter will now have a section that points a spotlight on a member(s). The goal of this is to draw attention to our monthly newsletter and membership by showcasing a new person(s) each month along with their achievement(s).  


In the Spotlight for April

Name(s): Kerri Boivin, Tara Coffell, Amanda Kostin and Catherine Lund 

Institution: University of Michigan, College of Engineering 

Job Title: Engineering Career Resource Center staff

Spotlight: Kerri, Tara, Amanda, and Catherine worked together over the winter semester to launch a new program called Career Engagement Opportunities (CEO). The goal of this program is to provide a more streamlined pathway for employers to connect with students and vise versa.

One aspect of the program is providing student organizations clear expectations and a framework for working with employers. This includes a workshop for student organizations to attend, a multi-page student organization guide, and space on the ECRC website advertising their org. Additionally, this new program makes it easier for employers to connect with student organizations relevant to their recruitment needs. Kudos Kerri, Tara, Amanda and Catherine for rolling out this new program!


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