Membership Spotlight

Each month the Midwest ACE newsletter will now have a section that points a spotlight on a member(s). The goal of this is to draw attention to our monthly newsletter and membership by showcasing a new person(s) each month along with their achievement(s).  

In the Spotlight for August:

Name: Jamie Cavey Lang

Institution: University of Iowa

Job Title: Associate Director, Outcomes

Spotlight: Jamie was the recent recipient of the John D. Shingleton Award for Innovation through Midwest ACE and recently shared about her work with the creation of First Destination Data Dashboards at the Annual Conference.

Why did you join Midwest ACE? To continue to build a network of individuals involved in the career development field and, even more specifically, those with data interest.

How long have you been a member of Midwest ACE? <1 year

How long have you been in the industry? 4+ career advisor; 6+ higher education; 10+ education

What advice would you give to a new member of Midwest ACE? Read the emails - there are a lot of opportunities but you have to make sure you are staying aware of what’s out there.

How has winning a Midwest ACE award related to your research project been helpful? It makes me smile just thinking of it. I am lucky enough to work somewhere I truly enjoy and feel fulfilled. To have someone/something else acknowledge what I’m working on as having importance just takes that joy to another level. Sorry if that sounds cheesy – but it’s true.

What is your favorite thing about being a Midwest ACE member? (Webinars, Annual Conference, Networking, etc.) The connections you can build and knowledge you can gain from fellow members – whether that is through conferences or webinars.

How do you define success? Making changes and moving forward but doing it in a way that people don’t get left behind and are excited to join.

Fun facts about yourself: I get to travel with the Iowa Women’s Basketball Team during their season and provide the color commentary. The perks without the 3 hours practices.

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