Midwest ACE Webinars

Midwest ACE places education and knowledge at the forefront of member benefits. Not only do our members receive opportunities to boost their skill sets and those of their team during the Regional ACE webinars, they can show off their knowledge of the industry during one of Midwest ACE's webinars.

The Midwest ACE Professional Development Committee is devoted to providing members with information that impacts their industry. In order to share the value of Midwest ACE with industry leaders and prospective members, webinars will be available to both members and non-members. Members can register to attend for free and non-members will be charged a $30 fee.

Upcoming Webinars

Midwest ACE Webinar: Jobs In Tech 101: Career Pathways for People Who Don't Code

Monday, February 10, 2020
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Eastern time/12:00 pm Central time


You've heard that tech is full of opportunities, but you have a lot of questions. In this hour, we set out to answer them, translate insider lingo, and clarify different paths to opportunity for folks who don't code. Hear directly from Sara Croft, Product Partner at InnovateMap (Art History Major) and Sam Clark, Customer Success Manager at ViralLaunch (International/Global Studies Major) on how they use their skills to create value in the tech industry! 


Sara Croft, Product Partner as InnovateMap

Sara brings 10 years of marketing experience to Innovatemap, where she listens to business objectives and crafts marketing strategies and plans to achieve those goals.  Her marketing career started in nonprofit work, where she focused on building communities to drive fundraising and brand awareness, primarily through content marketing and social media. That mission-driven passion led her to TechPoint, a nonprofit tech accelerator in Indiana, where she launched a digital marketing platform TechPoint Index, refreshed the company brand, and developed a sophisticated, agile marketing team to support the business needs. Outside of marketing the company, Sara advised nearly 200 Indiana startups, scale-ups, and tech-enabled companies on how to promote the launch of their business and product, build thought-leadership and announce a capital raise.

Sam Clark, Customer Success Manager at ViralLaunch

After 5+ year's experience in hospitality management, Sam entered the Indy tech scene in 2018 by becoming a member of the Viral Launch team, which works with entrepreneurs and brands to grow their Amazon businesses. As a Customer Success Manager, he works with his teammates to provide stellar results and resources to clients, who range in size from small mom-and-pop operations to enterprise-level businesses. When not in the office, this cinephile and cat dad loves to explore new cities and sample the local cuisine and libations.  

Past Webinars

Midwest ACE Webinar: Two Approaches to First Destination Survey Data Visualization: Purdue University and University of Iowa

Tuesday, December 10, 2019
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Central / 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Eastern

Purdue University and University of Iowa have both created external/public facing dashboards pertaining to the first destination survey data. Stephen Roach (Purdue) and Jamie Cavey Lang (Iowa) discussed the process – from start to finish – on implementing these data visualization tools.

  • The before
  • Implementation/process
  • Q and A

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