John D. Shingleton Award Receipients


Past Recipients:


Alexander Gardner
Michigan State University, College of Education's Higher Adult and
Lifelong Education PhD Program

Alexander is a doctoral student at Michigan State University's College of Education's Higher Adult and Lifelong Education PhD program. Alexander's research focuses on adult career development, individual competency development, workforce readiness, higher education policy, and post-secondary labor market outcomes.The John D. Shingleton award will enable Alexander to pursue his work in this field by affording him the opportunity to attend conferences, where he will be able to meet with scholars who specialize in adult career development.


2016   Jessamyn Perlus
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Innovative Bridge Building – Design & Assessment of a Networking Program for Underrepresented Populations 
2015 Julia Panke-Makela
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Enhancing Individual Career Counseling Through Analysis of Student Reflections
2009 Barbara Larsen & Jenny Hegland
Winona State University
Assessment of StrengthsQuest Initiative in Career Advising at Winona State University
2004 University of Michigan
The Career Center

Iowa State Univesity
Engineering Career Services
Constituent-created, Competency-Based, ABET-Aligned Assessment and Development Tolls for the Engineering Experiential Workplace

2002 Ball State University
Educational Programs Assessment Project
1995 Simone Himbeault Taylor
University of Michigan
Best Bets from the Net: An Internet Job Search and Employment Opportunities Guide
1991 Scott Preissler
University of Cincinnati
The EXCEL (Experiences in Co-Curricular Development in Leadership) Program
1989 Jeffrey Roberts & Sandra McGuigan
St. Mary’s College & Valparaiso University
Third Party Employment Services and Their Relations with College Placement Offices