Membership Categories & Rates 

Join Midwest ACE today and connect, network, and build with dedicated collegiate career services and employer recruiting professionals throughout the region! *Memberships expire annually on June 30

Benefits of Membership


Individual Membership Options:

  • Individual Employer Membership –  (Annual dues: $150.00)
    Recruitment/staffing professionals directly engaged in college recruitment for their own organizations.
  • Individual College Membership – (Annual dues: $150.00)
    College Members provide career services to students and alumni of accredited colleges and universities in the Midwest.

NEW! Group Membership Option:

  • NEW! Group Membership (5+ members) – (Annual dues: $700.00)
    Memberships may be paid as part of a group membership, which allows individuals from one organization or company to “group” their membership registration under the parent organization or company, at a flat rate, and receive one invoice for the entire office or department. This option is most beneficial to groups of 5 or more, there is no limit to how many members you can add to your group.
    For each Group Membership, one individual will be identified as the primary member/contact.

Affiliate Member:

  • Individual Memberships only – (Annual dues: $150.00)

    Affiliate members provide career services to professionals in the employer and/or college sectors.


Student/Transitional Member:

  • Individual Memberships only – (Annual dues: $30.00)
    The Student/ Transitional membership type applies to individuals who are currently enrolled as a student at an accredited college/university or in transition for careers in recruitment/staffing or career services.*
  • For the 2020/21 membership year, this member type may be applied to those whose job position within career services or employer recruitment have been furloughed and/or terminated due to COVID-19. If you are a current member and need to change your membership type to the transitional membership, please contact Midwest ACE headquarters directly at [email protected].

*This membership type is not available to those who would qualify for membership under another category, i.e. members working full time in career services but also working on a graduate/doctorate degree.

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