Executive Board Position: Director, Professional Development

To be eligible, you must be an active member and have served for at least one year in one of the following capacities: committee, conference committee, or task force chair or vice chair.

  1. Oversee the strategic planning of professional development activities

  2. Develop annual plan for professional development activities as they relate to direction of board

  3. Communicate plan to Professional Development Committee and Annual Conference Committee

  4. Work with Director – Advancement & Communications to develop and communicate an integrated communications plan based on, and promoting, professional development activities.

  5. Identify and recommend workshop, orientation, and other educational and training programs and research activities to contribute to the professional development of membership and advancement of profession

  6. Create goals (in alignment with Executive Board goals) for each committee for which s/he is a liaison; communicate goals to the committee chairs, in turn driving committee work, in-line with Association goals

  7. Serve as liaison to Professional Development Committee, *Annual Conference Committee (* along with the president/president-elect)