Membership Categories & Rates 

Join Midwest ACE today and connect, network, and build with dedicated collegiate career services and employer recruiting professionals throughout the region! *Memberships expire annually on June 30

Benefits of Membership


Individual Membership Options:

  • Individual Employer Membership –  (Annual dues: $150.00)
    Recruitment/staffing professionals directly engaged in college recruitment for their own organizations.
  • Individual College Membership – (Annual dues: $150.00)
    College Members provide career services to students and alumni of accredited colleges and universities in the Midwest.

NEW! Group Membership Option:

  • NEW! Group Membership (5+ members) – (Annual dues: $700.00)
    Memberships may be paid as part of a group membership, which allows individuals from one organization or company to “group” their membership registration under the parent organization or company, at a flat rate, and receive one invoice for the entire office or department. This option is most beneficial to groups of 5 or more, there is no limit to how many members you can add to your group.
    For each Group Membership, one individual will be identified as the primary member/contact.

Affiliate Member:

  • Individual Memberships only – (Annual dues: $150.00)

    Affiliate members provide career services to professionals in the employer and/or college sectors.


Student/Transitional Member:

  • Individual Memberships only – (Annual dues: $30.00)
    The Student/ Transitional membership type applies to individuals who are currently enrolled as a student at an accredited college/university or in transition for careers in recruitment/staffing or career services.*


Startup and Standout Individual Employer Membership:

  • Individual Employer Members – (First-Year dues: $30.00)
    The Startup and Standout with Midwest ACE program is an entry point into the association for professionals who meet specific criteria in the areas of employer size and geographic location. Learn more about the Startup and Standout Membership option for employers here

*This membership type is not available to those who would qualify for membership under another category, i.e. members working full time in career services but also working on a graduate/doctorate degree.

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