2020 – 2021 Membership Committee


  • Participate in the planning of new member/welcoming programs at appropriate Midwest ACE events
  • Collaborate with Midwest ACE Committees and partners to welcome and inform new members
  • Engage new and current members in active involvement and networking opportunities with Midwest ACE

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Enhance College and Employer membership with new member out-reach within the first month of membership
  • Brainstorm ways to maintain current members and focus on attracting more employer members
  • Engage with new members and first time conference attendees at each conference (Ambassador Program)
  • Partnering with Marketing & Communications Committee on promotional ideas

Board Liaisons

Barry Barbe, Director – Employer Membership
Martin Gahbauer, Director – College Membership

Committee Members


Kristina MontelongoBradley University

Sara Burden
The University of Iowa

Tony Denhart
General Electric Company

Kaletra Dispennett
Purdue University

Kyndra Haggard
Ball State University


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