Midwest ACE 2023-2024 Executive Board Elections

Identifying and promoting leaders to serve on the Midwest ACE Executive Board is our duty and responsibility as Midwest ACE members. The future success of our organization is dependent on those who guide our association and make critical decisions on our behalf.

Responsibilities shared by all Executive Board members include:

  • Liaison role to specifically assigned committees
  • Attendance at three face-to-face executive board meetings annually hosted within the region
  • Participation in interim board meetings via conference call
  • On-going work of the association as well as long-term planning
  • Fiscal responsibility and sound money management in conducting Midwest ACE business

Below are the nominees for the 2023-2024 Midwest ACE Executive Board open positions to be filled on July 1, 2023. Click on the position title to learn more about specific duties required.

President-Elect (1 year term)

Karl Aldrich, Saint Louis University - Candidate Statement

Secretary (2 year term)

Jennifer Pickerell, McKendree University - Candidate Statement

Director - Advancement and Communications (2 year term)

John Link, Webster University - Candidate Statement

Director - College Membership (2 year term)

Terri Wallman - Candidate Statement

Director - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (2 year term)

Jennifer Tasneem, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign - Candidate Statement

Director - Professional Development (2 year term)

Laura Menolascino, Northwestern Mutual - Candidate Statement

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